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The ONLY Certified and Licensed Krav Maga Studios in Tucson Established in 2002!

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Muay Thai Fitness
Muay Thai Fitness
Muay Thai Fitness

  • Ultima Self Defense and Fitness
    Get yourself physically fit while learning Krav Maga
  • Ultima Self Defense and Fitness
     Ultima Self Defense - Fighting - Fitness
  • Ultima Self Defense and Fitness
    Krav Maga - self defense for the real world
  • Ultima Self Defense and Fitness
    Anyone of Any Age can learn to defend themselves
  • Ultima Self Defense and Fitness
    Kid's Krav
  • Ultima Self Defense and Fitness
    Krav Maga: Awareness - Confidence - Physical Fitness
  • Ultima Self Defense and Fitness
    Sculpt your body into a lean, confident fighting machine


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What is Krav Maga?

This is self defense for the real world.  Krav Maga, Hebrew for “contact combat,” has its origins in Israeli military combat. Consisting of a wide combination of techniques found in boxing, Muay Thai, Judo, Jiu-jitsu (to name a few)  Krav Maga is known for its focus on real-world situations and extremely efficient defensive techniques.

Students of Krav Maga are taught how to get to the vulnerable points on the human body and are encouraged to use this knowledge to win in an attack and GET HOME SAFE!.


Through practice and repetition, the most effective defenses against each kind of assault become second nature and automatic.  By emphasizing and practicing a few key defense techniques for each assault, you WILL become capable of using a wide range of defense options.

Physical Fitness:
Krav can get you in the BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE, so that you can last through a street fight...the confidence that you look and feel as good as you can fight, is now in your hands!

In Krav we will focus on cardio training that will increase your speed, endurance, strength, accuracy and coordination in any situation.  Sculpt your body into a lean, confident fighting machine.  Capable, proud and FREE FROM FEAR!

Looking for fitness?
Get yourself physically fit while learning practical Krav Maga techniques. The Ultima’s Krav Maga classes incorporate self defense strategies against today’s common attacks, and fitness training to create a combination of physical agility and mental toughness.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain strength, or develop self-confidence, you will accomplish this and learn techniques that could someday save your life! 

Krav Maga instruction includes situational awareness drills, developing agility, speed and focus to use in potentially dangerous situations.  Students of Krav Maga will practice moves in various combinations to take advantage of an aggressors open and available body targets.  We practice setting up an opponent to give ourselves the advantage in any fight.

Krav is based on simple gross motor skill techniques that can be mastered by anyone of any age.  Have you ever been approached by someone asking for money?  Did they get nasty and pushy?  Have you ever been stared down by a gang member, and been too scared to even look up?  With Krav, your awareness is keen, your body language says, "I know what I'm doing"  you know they are there, but there is NO MORE FEAR!

Kid’s Krav!
Krav Maga is a fun way for kids to learn how to be safe and to protect themselves as well as improve coordination, leadership skills, physical fitness and self-confidence.  Your child will also learn basic self-defense skills, discipline, and defensive tactics through a varied and rich program of games, drills and techniques that have been proven on the streets to be effective against bullies and predators.

Our Promise to you and your family:
Confidence comes through learning how to master a situation consistently with a positive outcome.   We will teach your child the drive it takes to think through an adrenaline stress situation, whether confronted by a bully or a predator, and to handle the confrontation with advanced leadership skills.  In our program your child will become strong both physically and mentally and the leadership learned will stay with them throughout their entire lives.

Looking for more?
Take it to the next level! As you learn and get in shape, you may want to take your Krav experience one step further;  maybe a few steps further!  After you master the basic Krav skills, you can work to develop true lethal fighting skills. The Ultima also offers this training. Begin by learning the basic fundamentals of this self defense system and work your way up to full contact sparring, knife/gun defenses and surviving multiple attackers.  Take yourself beyond what you ever thought possible at The Ultima.